Box Office: Did “Avengers: Infinity War” hit $45 million Thursday night? Not headed for “The Record”

infinity2That’s what is reporting, based on its earliest projections.

It could be off, as they had not updated the Thursday night preview take from the West Coast. But “Infinity War” opened to $38 million or so overseas, and appeared to have $45 million within reach with their last update.

The numbers will be fudged a bit during the day Friday, but that’s roughly $20 million more than “Black Panther,” which opened strong and stayed hot for six weeks.

That’s on a par with “The Last Jedi,” which did $45 (and that turned out to be a huge piece of its opening weekend take, a movie that tailed off basically after opening night), but far less than the biggest “Star Wars” Thursday night opening ever ($57 million).

That puts the film on track for a $200-210 million weekend.

Reviews haven’t been as strong for this non-Joss Whedon picture, but the hype is high even if the product is inferior. 

Word of mouth might help, or hurt.

Box Office Mojo figures “Infinity” might hit $230 million this weekend, with studio projections coming in at a more modest (ahem) $210 million. The weekend record still belongs to “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” ($248).

Box Office Guru is projecting the take at $235 for opening weekend.

It’s opening on over 4470 screens, THAT is close to a record. It will swallow whole multiplexes, chase “Black Panther” off many of its remaining screens (and “Tomb Raider,” etc.)

But remember, “Age of Ultron,” the last “Avengers” movie, opened lower than the first. So hype may lift this one to the stratosphere, and while nobody is guessing this beast will under-perform “Ultron” ($191), that bit of analysis is out there. Sequels used to traditionally underperform their antecedents.

In any event, I am guessing this one will shoot its wad by Sat., and be dramatically off next weekend. A “Last Jedi” sized fall-off.




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