BOX OFFICE: “Quiet Place,” back on top, “I Feel Pretty” and “Troopers 2” do well, “Traffik” crashes


A Sunday surge by “Rampage” could move Dwayne Johnson’s joke of a sci-fi thriller into second place this weekend.

But here’s the way things appear to be shaking out — The tense “A Quiet Place” in first with $21 million, Amy Schumer’s “I Feel Pretty” manages $18, slightly exceeding expectations but pretty close to what her last comedy “Snatched” managed on opening weekend.

“Rampage” will fall just short of $18.

super2“Super Troopers 2” has sold $16 million in tickets, based mostly on a strong Thursday night and Friday. It was expected to not earn $10.

“Blockers,” an R-rated comedy that opened with the comedy field all by itself, will end up earning more than either of those two, maybe $60 all-in.

And the human trafficking thriller — OK, ANOTHER human trafficking thriller — this one starring Paula Patton and titled “Traffik,” didn’t earn $4. The title didn’t help. We’ve seen so many movies about this hot-button subject that I noted a huge spike in readers for my review of “Trafficked,” an indie dog of a thriller on the same subject. Yeah, people were confused.

“Isle of Dogs” enjoys one last weekend in the top ten. It’s at $24 million now, and should clear $33-35 by the time it loses most of its screens.

“Black Panther” is finally losing screens, but it’s inching towards $700 million ($681 now), a box office benchmark just out of its reach.

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