Box Office: Families show up for the violent/stupid “Rampage,” edges “Quiet Place,” “Truth or Dare” hits $20

box2Saturday turned into the make or break day for the incredibly violent, laughably stupid “Rampage,” which looks as if it will hit that magical $34 million mark it was projected to achieve pre-release.

Can’t bet against The Rock.

“A Quiet Place” only owned the top spot for one weekend, but it will finish a very-respectable second, with over $32 million. That’s a VERY impressive 35% drop on its second weekend.

Speaking of horror, the inferior coeds-get-killed-off “Truth or Dare” did a dazzling not-quite-$20 million. For a horror movie not built on a franchise, that’s the sweet spot.

“Isle of Dogs” reached its peak screen count this weekend, which wasn’t enough to lift it over $5 million. Wes Anderson’s movie now stands at over $18, and won’t reach $35 by the time it’s done.

“Beirut” has about half as many screens, is one of the better pictures of the weekend, but Jon Hamm’s best big screen outing won’t make him a movie star. Didn’t come close to the top ten. The per screen average bears out a crack I made in my review of it — “Bleecker Street (the distributor) couldn’t market merlot to a wino.”

“Chappaquiddick” added a bunch of screens, and still lost 50% of its audience, but cracked the top ten.

“I Can Only Imagine” is now over $75, “Ready Player One” fell short of a big third weekend and is running out of gas at $114, “Black Panther” is finally losing screens and fading. It won’t quite reach $700 million domestic. Not that anybody at Marvel is crying over that.

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