Weekend Box Office: “Quiet Place” shushes “Rampage,” “Beirut” bombs

box4A big carryover Friday points toward “A Quiet Place,” that rare critically-acclaimed horror blockbuster, pulling in another $34 million this weekend at the box office.

Deadline.com is notoriously light in predicting the Saturday take for “family” oriented movies of every stripe, so they figure “Rampage” still has a shot at overtaking “Quiet.”

Early projections had “Rampage” earning a solid $34 million, sort of holdover “Jumanji” audience for the film’s star. That was the consensus.

But if families are reading reviews of Dwayne Johnson’s jokey, incredibly violent thriller, they might stay away. “It’s every bit at stupid as it looks.”

dogs2Families should be pouring into theaters for “Isle of Dogs,” a wonderful Wes Anderson stop-motion animated film that added 1400 or so screens and is earning another $4-5 million in its third weekend of platformed release.


“Truth or Dare” is the other wide-wider-widest release opening this weekend, and is doing a more respectable (for horror) $18.5 million. Bad reviews didn’t hurt it. 

“Beirut,” a more grown up thriller about the Middle East, spies, terrorists and an alcoholic negotiator trying to keep the lid on things, got good to great reviews. It’s opening on enough screens to crack the top ten, but isn’t. Under $2 million. As I’ve said before, Bleecker Street is where good movies go to die.

“Chappaquiddick” added 85 screens and has lost half of its opening weekend audience, but still made the top ten.

“Blockers” is holding audience and headed towards another $10 million, “Ready Player One” is well over $100, but probably won’t reach much more than $150, when all is said and done.

“I Can Only Imagine” has been the week-to-week indie blockbuster of the spring, clearing $75 million in medium sized bites.

“The Miracle Season” isn’t quite making it.

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