Easter Box Office: “Ready Player One” $53 million, “Tyler Perry’s Acrimony” $17

box1The only thing that might have tamped down the take for Steven Spielberg’s latest is its lack of a brand name title. Not Marvel, not “Indiana Jones” (in his case).

Otherwise, the impressive $53 million “Read Player One” pulled in this holiday weekend  (it opened Wed.) would have been greater. It’s earned $123 million abroad.

No such provisos are necessary for “Acrimony.” The Tyler Perry brand brought this soapy, melodramatic tale of female victimhood run amuk a solid $17 million.

“I Can Only Imagine” is the faith based hit of spring, holding audience weekend after weekend, over $10 million this past one for a $55 million running total. It came in just behind “Black Panther.” “Panther,” by the way, is finally losing screens to newcomers, so it’s fall-off should turn steeper, starting next weekend. $650 million and counting for that one.

“Isle of Dogs,” on just 165 screens, cleared $2.8 million, just outside of the top ten (right behind “Paul, the Apostle”).

The end of the “God’s Not Dead” franchise opened on ten times as many screens and did $2.6.


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