Preview: Burt gets his due as “The Last Movie Star”

Burt Reynolds plays a more humble version of himself in this A24 release, playing a past-retirement-age fossil who once owned the box office and the public’s heart reduced to showing up at a film festival (Ariel Winter plays his handler, Clark Duke runs the fest) in Nashville. Chevy Chase plays his aged manager, and to be honest, I’d never have given this the time of day had not A24 picked it up.

It seems worth ignoring because writer-director Adam Rifkin has never scripted or directed anything worth a moment’s notice. Well, he did script “Mouse Hunt,” which was more about the production design, casting and delirious direction of rising star Gore Verbinski.

Nobody was a bigger diva back in the day than Burt. And I’m not saying that to be kind.

“The Last Movie Star” opens in limited release March 30, too early in the year for “awards consideration” for next year. One more indignity.


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