Next Screening: “Annihilation”

So, is every critic in the world seeing this controversial and supposedly smart sci-fi thriller tonight? Or at least this afternoon?

Nah. Showed it in NYC last night, or earlier, apparently.

A few reviews on Metacritic or RT. 

Withholding access from all but a cherry-picked few suggests maybe they’re afraid of the backlash facing Natalie Portman over the “whitewashing” (her character was Asian in the source material) of her being cast, as a scientist whose soldier husband (Oscar Isaac) went missing in this alien “shimmer” fog, with her out to find him.

That’s of no consequence to me. Not sure how much outrage is due a casting call that was made to give the picture the best, most commercial actress available (Hollywood is making the movie, not the People’s Republic) to give it a chance of becoming a hit.

Color blind casting cuts both ways, as I always say. Name an Asian actress who is a top box office draw. In the Western Hemisphere. Maybe those protesting buy into cultural stereotypes. “She’s supposed to be very smart. Has to be Chinese.” Maybe they’re anti-Semitic, anti-Natalie or something else and they just don’t want to admit it.

Anyway, let’s hope its as good as its talented star can make it.



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