“British Survival Kit” from “The Sweeney”

What might one need if one finds oneself on the lam from The Sweeney, the Flying Squad of coppers in the new film from Olde England? A pack of biscuits, a Cockney rhyming dictionary set of flashcards, thumb cuffs/keychains, and a pint glass. “The Sweeney” opens in theaters and on VOD Friday.

“The Sweeney,” in Cockney, is short for Sweeney Todd, whom everybody remembers from the musical, “The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.” “Rhyming slang” for the police in cars, the “flying squad”? “Sweeney Todd.” Shortened, Cockney fashion, to “Sweeney.” There’s a barbering pun in addition to the rhyme whenever Jack Regan says, “We’re the Sweeney. You’re nicked.”

There’ll always be an England.

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