Return of the Klingons — J.J. hired a few for “Star Trek 2”

Producer/director J.J. Abrams has brought back “Star Trek/TOS” villains the Klingons.


He had to edit them out of his reboot of the sci-fi franchise. So he’s given them a central presence in the new film,“Star Trek Into Darkness.”

So, we’ve got Benedict Cumberbatch as a version of the engineered superhuman, Khan.

And we’ve got Klingons, source of “The Oooooold Klingon proverb,” Ricardo Montalban purred back in “The Wrath of Khan.” “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

Will we see “classic” Klingons (below), the hideous looking later incarnations, or the nobler, cleaned-up Klingons of TNG?


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