Movie Review: Womanizing Aussie Footballer is chasing women, chasing a dream and “Chasing Comets”

“Chasing Comets” is a damp dishrag of a “footy” comedy from Down Under. It’s about a coulda-woulda womanizing player for the Comets of Wagga Wagga, a small town “so nice they named it twice.”

And that’s about as funny as this gets.

Scripted by a rugby veteran, Jason Stevens, with cutesy credits thanks to director Jason Perini (“Costumes by Jason Stevens’ wife…Catering by someone Jason Stevens met at a chicken shop…Directed by a different Jason.”), it has maybe two laughs in it. Total.

It isn’t really working out for Chase Daylight (Dan Ewing). He’s the local hunk/jock “who could’ve been anything,” but is stuck here in the minor leagues, not cut out for the big time. So he takes out that frustration by skirt-chasing and ruining any chance he has with the fair Brooke (Isabel Lucas).

He’s a heel, and to hear his Mom (Deborah Galanos) tell it, when broken-hearted Brooke confides in her, he got it from his no-good, cheating, walked-out-on-them Dad.

So he’s got “issues” far beyond not being able to hang onto the football.

His running mates are up for drinks and “We’re not wired for monogamy” cruising. But his spiritual advisor, The Rev (George Houvardas) keeps working on his character. The Rev’s smart-aleck “never date a footballer” daughter Dee (Kat Hoyas) pitches in.

So Chase, freshly-benched with the Comets on their way to another “wooden spoon” in their league, resolves to clean up his act, hit The Rev’s church regularly and give up sex. That’s front page news in Wagga Wagga.

Any guesses as to where this is going? Any reason given by the script or the actors playing it to care? Not really.

MPA Rating: unrated, sexual situations, alcohol abuse

Cast: Dan Ewing, Isabel Lucas, Kat Hoyas, George Houvardas, Deborah Galanos, John Batchelor, Justin Melvey and Rhys Muldoon.

Credits: Directed by Jason Perini, script by Jason Stevens. A Gravitas Ventures release.

Running time: 1:36

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