Movie Review: Replacing your own septic? Plan on “Digging to Death”

There’s just enough off-the-wall stuff in Michael P. Blevins’ “Digging to Death” to suggest “horror comedy” might have been the intention here.

I mean, it’s about a newly-divorced guy (veteran bit player Ford Austin) who decides to replace the septic system at his new house by himself, and instead unearths a corpse buried next to a pile of cash.

Austin goes full Bruce Campbell as David, a guy who can’t figure out how to keep the money and deal with the corpse without calling the cops, and goes crazy in the process.

He keeps seeing the corpse (Tom Fitzpatrick) and struggling with it…in his nightmares.

And he’s coming unglued at the office where his passive-aggressive boss (Clint Jung) keeps toying with his deadline to update this “Mind Crash” video game. Yeah, his mind crashes.

He’s just a middle-aged man with a middle-aged muscle car trying to land that mid-level management promotion. Oh, and cope with a divorce, a septic system he can’t get around to fixing, a deadline from his landscaper (Richard Riehle), the stress of knowing he’s breaking the law and a corpse he’s sure is walking around his property at night, muddying his floors.

At every turn, “something huge collides with my already unstable life.” Who hasn’t been there?

Anyway, despite the odd over-the-top reaction, flip-out or what have you, there’s not enough to “Digging to Death” to recommend it. It’s not scary, and not all that amusing.

What this movie could use is more “septic.” Septic is always funny.

MPA Rating: unrated, bloody violence, profanity

Cast: Ford Austin, Tom Fitzpatrick, Rachel Alig and Richard Riehle

Credits: Scripted and directed by  Michael P. Blevins. An Uncork’d release.

Running time: 1:35

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