Netflixable? Mexican couple disagrees on babies — “You’ve Got This (Ahí te Encargo)”

Let me tell you about this repellent Mexican comedy titled “Ahí te Encargo (You Got This)” but which should have been called “Two Selfish Jerks and a Baby.”

It’s a romance that tries to flip gender roles in a way Hollywood comedies did back in the ’80s, built around characters no sentient person could tolerate and a baby nobody seems to want to take care of.

It’s a movie that frowns at a young woman (Esmeralda Pimentel) hellbent on following her career wherever it takes her, and about her husband (Mauricio Ochmann), who barks, more than once, “Why won’t you give me what I want –a baby?”

It’s in Spanish with English subtitles, naturally. As if we couldn’t tell otherwise that this shiny, polished rom-com wouldn’t have been made, north of the border, any time after “Baby Boom” (1987).

Alejandro is a graphic designer for an ad agency with babies on the brain. Cecilia is a rising star at a global architectural engineering firm, with a chance to make partner and take over some day.

Events conspire to put a baby in his care “for a few days.” He’s offered a cute waitress and single mom free babysitting as a way of jumpstarting the maternal instincts in Ceci.

Which she plainly doesn’t have, and repeatedly reminds him that this is the case. So it’s no wonder he doesn’t tell her that he’s had the baby imposed on him, and hides the toddler from her.

She, on the other hand, can’t tell him about her possible dream promotion because they’re constantly fighting because “I want to have a baby and you won’t let me.”

Somehow, the bebe doesn’t seem like their biggest problem.

The gags here include Alejandro hiding the baby at work with the aid of his put-upon colleague (Matteo Giannini), both of them desperate to keep their loveless female boss, nicknamed “Mussolini,” from finding out. There’s a diaper disaster, or course.

“Yuck! Don’t let him eat it!”

Alejandro takes on a responsibility he’s not as prepared for as he thinks. Vintage VW Beetles with no child seat are no place for a toddler.

And Cecilia is already looking for apartments they can transfer to, in Hong Kong, without having that conversation with her husband.

Can this marriage be saved? Can this movie? Even with a squishy “things get serious” third act?

No. Nothing before that turn towards the darker aspects of life is the least bit funny.

Pharmacists “shaming” Rafa (Giannini) when he buys diapers, colleagues making the toddler their mascot, finding out the boss has found out what everybody calls her?

Not funny, not funny at all and give me a break.

MPAA Rating: TV-MA, profanity, adult situations

Cast: Mauricio Ochmann, Esmeralda Pimentel, Matteo Giannini

Credits: Directed by Salvador Espinosa, script by Tiaré Scanda, Leonardo Zimbrón A Netflix release.

Running time: 1:51

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