RIP Jack Garner, a “hale fellow, well-met” among movie critics


A couple of days late getting to this, but longtime Gannett Newspapers film critic Jack Garner died over the weekend.

I used to run into him at film festivals, Hollywood and New York new-release junkets, etc., a hard guy to miss (6’9″, a Falstaffian BEAR of a man) and a harder one to not like.

He had this great booming laugh that let you know, at a film preview or a movie premiere, that A) he was in the audience and B) the comedy was “working.” I distinctly remember him roaring through a New York preview of “In or Out” back in ’97. Practically drowned the rest of us out.

Like many newspaper film critics, he brought an editor’s mindset and skills to reviewing, shifting over from “the desk” to become one of the country’s most enduring and widely read film reviewers. And unlike a lot of us (cough cough), he had an easy charm and was widely liked among his peers.

Jack G. was 75.

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