BOX OFFICE: “Onward” wins–BARELY, “I Still Believe” clears $9.5, “Bloodshot” manages $9.3 — “Hunt” bombs

A steep falloff in business at theaters thanks to the Coronavirus and a reduction in new releases.

Theaters may be empty one way or the other next weekend.

“Onward” expected to pull in $15-16 million and change. It barely cleared $10 million.

That’s a 73% falloff from an opening weekend Disney tried to hide it’s disappointment over. ($39).

Blame Coronavirus for the steepnfall, but audiences know it’s a dog

“I Still Believe” had church presales that pointed to an opening in the $teens. It only managed $9.5. Reviews pointing out how bland it is didn’t help.

“Bloodshot” cleared $9.3 million, on the low end of expectations.

“The Hunt”bombed big time. $5 million in wide release.

Ben Affleck’s “The Way Back” fell off a cliff — a 70% drop, $2.4 million and change on its second weekend.

“Sonic” managed another $2.47.

“The Call of the Wild” pulled in another $2 million or so. It is over $100 million worldwide. A bomb because Fox spent $145 million making the dogs and wolves digital.

“Emma.” cleared another $1.3 or so.

“Bad Boys” added another million to its $200 million plus take

“Burden” did poorly in limited release.

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