BOX OFFICE: ‘I Still Believe’ bests ‘Bloodshot,’ But ‘Onward’ wins again

There’s not a huge dip in movie going due to the Coronavirus showing in this weekend’s box office take.

Not based on Thursday night and Friday’s take, any way.

Church pre sales of the Christian musical weeper “I Still Believe” have been string enough to push it into the $10-11 million range, just below projections.

“Bloodshot” is doing $8-9 million in business. $7 million was the floor for it..

And “The Hunt,” also opening wide, will be in the $6.5 million range if trends remain the same.

With the viral news cycle being what it is, I wouldn’t bet serious money on that. Business overall is down 40% just from last weekend, Variety says.

“Onward” is on track to lose 60% of its limp (by Pixar standards) $39 million opening. It will win the weekend with about $16 million in ticket sales, says

“Invisible Man” will out perform “The Hunt” in the middle of the pack.

It’s been a lackluster year for ticket sales, even without a virus deflating the numbers. Covid19 will ensure that it’s historically bad, what with audiences staying home and studios pushing spring releases into summer or later.

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