Next screening? “BLOODSHOT”

The sky is falling, the virus is spreading and nicknaming the pandemic after the blundering, ignorant dunces mismanaging it doesn’t help.

So, while we still can, let us brave the Trumpdemic and see this comic book release, which the Sony braintrust chose not to preview in most markets.

I have previews lined up for the next two weeks, and I half expect those to change pretty much any minute.

Theaters are run by children, mostly, who cannot be expected to run Clorox wipes over every seat between showings.

As we will not know we’re infectious until some time after we show symptoms, best to keep one’s distance from the folks in the cinema with you.

If last weekend was any indication, with normally jammed multiplexes taking on the appearance of ghost towns, that shouldn’t be a problem.

See you at the movies!

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Movie Critic, formerly with McClatchy-Tribune News Service, Orlando Sentinel, published in Spin Magazine, The World and now published here, Orlando Magazine, Autoweek Magazine
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