BOX OFFICE: ‘Onward’ opens low for Pixar, “Invisible” $14, “Way Back” $8+

The trailers and TV commercials showed it to be a hard picture to sell.

Almost in the “Why was this movie animated?” vein. Human/elvish characters, a van trip “quest.”

Minimal effects. Not that touching, not that funny.

And then there’s this virus cancelling sports events and South by Southwest.

Pixar hasn’t had a movie open under $40 million in ages, but is saying that unless Saturday blows up,b”Onward” will open at $37 million.

Nobody is buying 3D tickets to it. Nobody. And even the critics without guts to pan it were lukewarm in their endorsements.

Deadline underestimates Saturday kiddie films take by force of habit, so maybe that $40 low-ball prediction pre opening will be met. Still, kind of a dud.

Ben Affleck’s hoops drama “The Way Back” will clear $8, right in the middle of its predicted range.

That will play it third, with “The Invisible Man” losing just over 50% of its opening weekend take and pulling in $14 .

“Emma.” is managing a robust $5-6 on its first wide release weekend.

“Call of the Wild” and “Sonic” are fading to black.

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