BOX OFFICE: Oscar contender ‘Ford v Ferrari’ should lap ‘Charlie’s Angels’ on a sloooow weekend

The star power, stellar reviews and awards season cachet of one of the best pictures of the year should be enough to ensure “Ford v. Ferrari” will own at least one weekend at the box office.

Tracking interest — retweets, YouTube views of the trailer, IMDb pageviews — point to a $20 million plus opening for this prestige picture about racing and iconoclasts changing the culture of a huge corporation.

But after “Doctor Sleep” underwhelmed last weekend, does this very guy-centric dramedy seem like such a sure thing?

Elizabeth Banks, Kristen Stewart and Patrick Stewart are rebooting “Charlie’s Angels,” but does that star power add up to anything like a sure thing? No. It could do $13, Variety and Box Office Mojo are saying. It could be a surprise smash. Remember “Hustlers?”

“The Good Liar” had awards buzz..until critics saw it. Older cast, limited box office appeal, it feels like a limited release that is opening wide. I don’t think it will manage the $6 to 7 million projected for Dame Helen and Sir Ian’s handiwork.

“The Warrior Queen of Jhansi” is opening wide with limited buzz, promotion, etc.

If “Midway” has another good weekend it will clear the $35 million mark since release by midnight Sunday.

I figure “Playing with Fire” will bottom out, and “Doctor Sleep” will show little sign of waking up.

Will the top ten clear $100 million all together? Box Office Mojo says “No.”But let’s hope so. There are some good choices out there.

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