Netflixable? Mackenzie Davis has the title role, and journey, in “Izzy Gets the F— Across Town”


The Canadian actress Mackenzie Davis was “This year’s tall, willowy and funny blonde” oh, about five years ago — in the midst of a run that included TV’s “Halt and Catch Fire” and movies that peaked with “The Martian” and “Tully.”

She’s the co-star of the next “Terminator,” remade as a new Charlize Theron in action mode.

“Izzy Gets the F**k Across Town” is an LA ramble of a comedy, an indie version of a hundred other “Get Him to the Greek,” “Saving Silverman” romantic comedies.

She plays Izzy. Her ex-fiance is about to marry a former friend. She’s pissed. She’s woken up in a stranger’s bed, her catering waitress faux-tux uniform covered in wine stains. Her car’s been in “the shop,” “shop” here meaning a stoner friend’s off-the-books “garage” for weeks. She has no money, has worn out her welcome with the friends she’s staying with.

And she needs to “get the f–k across town” to this engagement party/pre-nuptials event.

The movie is about that jaunt, and Mackenzie Davis, still in that ruined uniform, calling in favors nobody owes her, collecting a beater of a car that may never get fixed, swiping a Schwinn, refusing bus rides, catching a lift with a onetime client’s (Haley Joel Osment) “girlfriend” (Alia Shawkat), “but first, I’ve just gotta make this one stop (B& E?), shrieking “F–K!” at every fresh foulup, as Izzy.

That’s it. That’s the movie.


Davis is perfectly pleasant to spend time with, has a nice series of meltdowns as we pick up on what brought her to LA, her “peak” moment (years before, a musical showcase at South by Southwest), and the swath she’s cut through a side of LA the movies rarely show.

“Cyrus” and “The Big Lebowski” are two slices of that “dull, sprawling suburbia gone to seed” Greater Los Angeles. But even their versions of the “seedier, duller side” are funnier than this, which looks as if it was filmed, pretty much start to finish, at 7:20 on a Sunday morning.

The video game director turned writer-director, Christian Papiernak, was worth taking a flier on with this close-to-home, shot on the cheap comedy.

But it didn’t pay off. Not many scripted funny moments, and the funny folks involved rarely rise above them.

That makes “Izzy Gets” the classic “Let’s try this” on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu or what have you, a film that starts feebly, gets its feet under it, but never goes anywhere.


MPAA Rating: unrated, adult situations, profanity

Cast: Mackenzie Davis, LaKeith Stanfield, Haley Joel Osment, Alia Skawkat, Carrie Coon, Annie Potts.

Credits: Written and directed by Christian Papierniak. A Shout! Factory release.

Running time: 1:26

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