SOMEbody just lost his brand new ‘SNL’ gig

gillis.jpgHe doesn’t know it, yet, and the reason he is almost sure to be canned before he ever starts his new job is for something he did it over a year ago.

You can hear the clock ticking, too, can’t you? I know Shane Gillis can.

I give comics a LOT of license, but homophobic and racial slurs are, in comedy, what “dick” jokes are. Low, free laughs among the mouth breathers in the audience, desperate. It’s what you do when you can’t get a laugh the hard way.

Dave Chapelle even trotted out a few in his latest special. Lame, easy laughs for morons in the crowd, the lazy comic’s best friend.

But Shane Gillis may pay a high price for going for the “shock” to get an easy laugh.

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