BOX OFFICE: “Angel Has Fallen” and gotten up…to $20 mill, “Overcomer” bests “Ready or Not”

My pre-weekend hunch that Gerard Butler’s “Angel” would far exceed the widely quoted $14-15 million projection for its opening take has proven correct.

Box office analysts use tracking data on pre sales of tickets, polling and social media analytics — how often the trailers have been viewed, shared, etc.

They look for how familiar the title is, what the previous films in the series have done, the star’s recent opening weekend takes.

I just consider the last couple of items. In the movies today, “brand” is everything. Ticket buyers flock to the familiar, reliable comfort food movies.

“Angel” is on track to manage $18-20 million. As I said. Reviews weren’t awful, so there was no reason to expect any less. Butler has a little of that Eastwood and Mel Gibson vibe and connection with one specific audience — violence, reactionary messaging.

“Ready of Not” opened Wed. and that deflated its weekend take quite a bit. Under $7 is better than the $5 it was expected to earn. Not awful, in terms of its opening weekend take. Imagine how it might have done if it was as good as some delusional critics were saying


The preaching Kendrick Brothers’ “Overcomer” is doing a healthy $7.5 to 8. I will get to it this afternoon.

“Angry Birds” have fallen, “Once Upon a Time” has one more weekend in the top ten, perhaps its last.

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