Hong Kong protests, “Mulan” and the Chinese filmmaking classes


mulan.jpgOne of the odd “coincidences” I’ve noted in my years of interviewing Chinese actors and filmmakers, some from Hong Kong, many from the mainland, is how the need for “order” in China finds its way into conversations.

“Harmony” is a big word there, broad enough to mean “getting along” with historic enemies and narrow enough to put “Don’t make waves” above “liberty.”

Something about the sheer scale of the country and a drilled-in “fear” of disorder and protest seems in evidence whenever you hear such film figures, like a star of Disney’s “Mulan,” offer knee-jerk support of the government and disavowal of protests and protesters.

Via Variety…

“Hong Kong Protesters Push Boycott of Disney’s ‘Mulan’ After Star States Support for Police Crackdown” https://t.co/IGJJteWNkg https://twitter.com/Variety/status/1162232442222022656?s=17

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