BOX OFFICE: “Scary Stories” scare up $20-21, “Dora” dips, “Kitchen,” “Brian Banks” bomb

“Hobbs & Shaw” are losing their steam, but still have another $24 million in them, a steep 60% drop from opening weekend.

That is enough to win this desultory box office race for Aug. 9-11.

“Dora” is underwhelming in terms of ticket sales, as I predicted. $16 and change.

But as I mentioned Friday, “Scary Stories” lured in Thursday night audiences and is heading towards a $20 million+ opening.

“The Kitchen” is barely clearing $5 million. Bad acting is just another sign of bad directing for their Andrea Bertof bomb. Buh bye. Career worst for Haddish and McCarthy movies.

“Racing in the Rain is hitting it’s underwhelming projected $8 million opening.

And “Brian Banks” is a wide release debacle, not even clearing $2, not cracking the top ten.

“The Farewell” added theaters…again…bit only hit $2 and is fading.

“Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood” may find $11 million more in sales this weekend.

“Lion King” is holding audience better than anybody, adding another $19 and change for third place.

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