Box Office – Can “Crawl” climb over $12 million, will “Stuber” sink?

A brief box office respite before”The Lion King” remake shows up means we’ll have one more weekend dominated by “Spider Man” and “Toy Story.” Hollywood is partying like it’s 1999.

Box Office Mojo figures Spidey has another $41 million or so in him and that “Toy Story 4” is a safe bet for another $22 and change.

“Crawl” is a tight tale of terror involving gators and a hurricane. Really good reviews usually mean little in that genre, unless the picture is “A Quiet Place.” But the new one from the director of “High Tension” has decent notices, passable digital gators and could do better than the $12.5 Mojo is projecting.

A bad move–not screening it for critics. It needed the extra hype. I figure mid teens are within reach. Good turnout at the Thursday night showing in BFE that I caught.

“Stuber” WAS screened. And while it’s not awful, reviews haven’t been favorable. Dave Bautista and Kumail Nanjiani are not box office draws.

But $7.5 million seems a tad low I’m terms of projections.

“Aladdin” has another week to make bank before “Lion King” bites off many of its screens.

“Yesterday” is doing well enough to add screens and could surpass “Stuber,” and “Avengers” could but maybe won’t fall BACK out of the top ten.

The greedy bastards.

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