Preview, Peter Jackson’s “They Shall Not Grow Old” doc about “The Great War”

I’ve interviewed Peter Jackson a few times over the years, and often as the conversation was winding up, he’d talk of the war movie he wanted to make — a version of WWII’s “The Dam Busters,” about RAF pilots who trained and engineers who engineered a “bouncing bomb” mission that would destroy the dams in Nazi Germany’s Ruhr Valley, crippling the German war effort.

He talked about doing this for years.

What’s he’s gotten to first is “They Shall Not Grow Old,” this British documentary about WWI, a sort of Ted Turner colorization and speed correction, with sound, of footage of The Great War as the soldiers  — all dead and gone, now — experienced it.

One night only in the UK, but you can bet it’ll make BBC or Netflix or somebody else. Looks extraordinary.


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