Preview, Aussie Biopic reminds us what it meant to be “In Like Flynn”

This Errol Flynn film biography, a little swashbuckling and with just a hint of silly, seems more malnourished than anything else.

Will it even play in the states? I get it. If you’re going to make a movie about the guy, it should by rights be made in the land of his birth by his fellow Aussies.

As Flynn’s tortured history and disreputable personal life enter into it, you’d think they could have landed a few bigger names for this Russell Mulcahy film. David Wenham and Callan Mulvey and Dan Fogler are in the credits. But…that’s it.

Then again, wouldn’t Mel Gibson be the first fellow you’d approach about directing it and not the fellow who peaked with “Highlander” way back in the last millennium?

“In Like Flynn” opens in Oz on Oct. 11. 


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