Preview, Pena is the only guy on Earth who sees our coming “Extinction”

I have this weird thought every time I see Michael Peña in a movie. And he’s in a LOT of movies, most often as the hero’s pal, Ant-Man’s sidekick, etc.

Every other Hispanic actor in Hollywood must hate him. Seriously, he sucks up a lot of work, and even though he generally makes the most of every opportunity, there’s a lot of “type” casting that has his agent’s phone ringing off the hook.

“We need a Latino cop/neighbor, FBI agent, ex-con.” Who do they call? It is almost always (it seems) Michael Peña.

Interviewed him several times over the years, and while he’s lost his “luckiest guy in show business” veneer, he’s still the luckiest guy in show business.

He rarely gets the chance to be the lead, but Netflix gives him that shot as a maintenance worker who thinks his dreams are predicting an alien invasion future.

Which of course they are. July 27, “Extinction” comes to the most popular streaming service.

IMDb doesn’t even have him top billed. 

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