BOX OFFICE: “Deadpool 2” grabs R-rated opening record, $53 million Friday, $130+ million weekend


Fox’s projections for what “Deadpool 2” might do on its opening weekend appear to be right on the mark.

A huge Thursday night and a record-setting (beating “It”) Friday of over $53 million have the film on track to clear the $130 million mark, exactly where Fox analysts said it would end up.

It’s rated R, so theoretically there’s less of a potential family audience. Plenty of “Violence? Cussing? So what?” parents are out there, but that’s the logic behind why this latest Marvel money maker won’t do “Avengers” or “Black Panther” numbers.

Lower expectations help. It could still eclipse this projection, as Friday AM, Deadline was just CERTAIN it would hit $150, but that seems unlikely, despite the staggering Friday. It’ll beat “It” and that’ll have to do, Mr. Lively.

Deadline — always dead wrong on Thursday night, less wrong the rest of the weekend. But they’re the only ones to “call” the weekend early, so a 10-25% margin of error will have to do for those of us looking for early word on “the numbers.”

“Book Club” is sliding in closer to a more reasonable $15-16 million, despite what pre-weekend online sales were suggesting. It takes a while for older audiences to get the word and get out the door to this Seniors in Spanx romantic comedy.

“Show Dogs” won’t clear $6.  Meh.


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