BOX OFFICE: “Avengers” win again, doc “RBG, about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, cracks the top ten

box1“Breaking In” bested “Life of the Party” in per-screen average in this weekend’s new release matchup.

“Party” had more screens, and collected $18.5 million more screens. Melissa McCarthy can still open a movie.

Will Packer’s “Breaking In” gives Gabrielle Union a piece of BO glory with a $16.5 million opening for a movie that cost maybe half that.

“Avengers: Infinity War” won the weekend with a VERY healthy $62 million, a 46% drop from last weekend. It will almost certainly lose the top spot to a Marvel/Fox release next weekend. “Deadpool 2” may be R-rated, but most of the fans of these pictures are over 18, so figure it’ll open huge and “Infinity War” will fall to $30 million or below. It’s already over $1 billion worldwide, so it’s all mad money, at this point.

Same with “Black Panther,” which will be at $700 million Thursday night, as it loses screens and exits the top ten.

“Overboard” held audience and remains ahead of “A Quiet Place,” “Tully” added screens and lost a lot of audience, “Isle of Dogs” will hit $30 million Monday, maybe Tuesday.

The big surprise, a documentary about “RBG,” a sassy Supreme Court justice, cracked the top ten with a big per-screen average.


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