Weekend Movies: Pans for “Life of the Party,” “Breaking In,” but can they break out at the box office?

break1“Infinity War” is going to own the vast majority of the movie-going audience for at least one more weekend.

Because, you know, “Deadpool 2” opens next week. And maybe, JUST MAYBE, filmgoers and even comic book movie fans are going to wonder why they were soiling themselves over two hours and twenty minutes of hype (more bathroom breaks, fanboys/fangirls) when the self-mocking ‘Pool shows them how its done.

“Infinity War,” like “Black Panther” before it, has made stupid money, and will continue to — $50-60 million this weekend is projected. 

Melissa McCarthy’s latest vehicle, a mom-returns-to-college-after-her-divorce “romp” shows up just in time for Mother’s Day. It’s more cute than rude and coarse, PG-13 instead of another variation of her R-rated “Bridesmaids” banter. And was directed by her husband, the steadily-employed but rarely funny Ben Falcone. The reviews, including mine, reflect the way his influence waters down the McCarthy brand. I hope it does well, because trying to give your husband a directing career isn’t an ignoble ambition. Unless he’s Tom Arnold.

Expect it to do “The Boss” or “Tammy” (which he also directed) money, over $20 million. Widely panned by critics, it has a few laughs, if you’re in that mood and fall into that very forgiving corner of the comedy audience.

“Tully” is its most significant Take Mom to a Mom Movie for Mother’s Day competition, which is to say, no competition at all.

“Breaking In” is from genre loving, African American-audience friendly money-making producer Will Packer (“Ride Along,” “Think Like a Man,” “No Good Deed”), another Heroine in Jeopardy/Home Invasion thriller, this one with a “You messed with the WRONG mother” Mother’s Day angle, starring Gabrielle Union.

It’s a half-hearted thriller played at half speed, and Union isn’t a box office star. But Packer, hiring director James “V for Vendetta” McTeigue and keeping his costs low, always makes money. Will it do the $18 million Box Office Mojo is projecting? Nah. I think even the $15 Box Office Guru is suggesting might be a stretch. $12? We’ll see. Packer pictures have a way of blowing up (in a small way) expectations. The man knows his audience.


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