Next Screening? “Avengers: Infinity War”

Yeah, the title is kind of nonsensical-agrammatical.

“Infinite War?” “Finite War?” No. I call “INFINITY WAR.”

The gang’s all here, and then some. The Marvels of Marvel, Avengers, Guardians, with Wakanda to the Wescue.

“Captain America” sequels directors Anthony and Joe Russo make the train run on time, two and half hours of “Give the people what they want,” the first of two Josh Brolin villain turns in Marvel movies (“Deadpool 2” anyone?).

So many characters to service, so much “help,” as in “We’re gonna need some help.” Let’s hope for a pleasant surprise, because this reeks of bloat, in the trailers, the credits, the direction this storyline has taken us into.

Fingers crossed.

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