Next Screening? Halle Berry tries to raise orphans in the middle of riots in “Kings”

Think of it as the Original Black Lives Matter moment. It happened 26 years ago, for crying out loud.

Rodney King gets pummeled by cops, it’s caught on videotape, officers put on trial for beating the hell out of him, a Simi Valley jury lets them off. Riots.

The trailer alone makes this the most challenging picture parked in April, and one movie I have been looking forward to, one that doesn’t have monsters, ghosts or smart-alecks in tights pretending to brawl in front of blue screens.

Watch just the trailer, and have an epiphany. Maybe getting your back up over “ALL Lives Matter” or “Blue Lives Matter” will start to seem as foolish to you as it pretty much does to me. A movie that matters. Opens Friday.

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