Box Office: “Quiet Place” makes noise, “Blockers” chasing “Ready Player One,” “Chappaquiddick” and “Miracle Season” bomb

box1A huge horror with a touch of sci Fi opening for “Quiet Place,” a genre pic built around top flight acting couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski is headed for a $46 million opening thanks to a $19 million Friday, per Box Office Mojo.

“Blockers” is right around $21 million, pretty much where “Ready Player One” looks to end up its second weekend.

“Tyler Perry’s Acrimony” is dropping off @60 percent.

Endless flogging of the Kennedy scandal movie “Chappaquiddick” by conservative media is barely getting that one in the top ten. Maybe $5 million.

“A Miracle Season” didn’t even manage that. Not quite faith based enough to cash in on that “I Can Only Imagine” money.

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