Weekend Box Office: “Godzilla” devours $90 million+

fiatHats off to the Warner Brothers marketing department.

They assessed that there was a hankering for a monster movie in epic scale. They shook off the weaker returns of “Pacific Rim” and plowed onward. They didn’t spend a lot on cast or director and put it all on effects.

They tamed the tendency to go for bloody, R-rated action and made a kid-friendly PG-13 Creature Feature.

And they sold it. “Godzilla,” the latest version of the Japanese King of the Monsters, piled up the money Thursday night and all-day Friday.

$90 million, maybe more. Wow. “Spider-Man” numbers. Impressive. More impressive than the movie itself. Could another franchise be launched here?

“Million Dollar Arm” is opening below expectations — $10-11 million. That’s not a bomb. But it’s a “You’re no movie star” slap at Jon Hamm. Not yet, anyway.

“Neighbors” is still doing decent business — a 40-45% drop from its opening weekend.

“Spider-Man” took another dive, but not a death plunge. $16 million.

“Chef” opened in more theaters and seems headed for wider and wider release.

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