Netflixable? “Rogue Warfare 3: Death of a Nation”

The burning question, carried over from each “Rogue Warfare” thriller to the next, is “Are they getting better?”

Is “Rogue Warfare: Death of a Nation,” the best yet?

The reasons the sequels exist are still here — cheap, desert southwest locations, surplus Humvees, cheap chopper rental and a cast with nothing else on their calendars.

But these cumbersome, dull and incompetently-scripted thrillers have the same people-in-uniform acting un-military in every way action beats. The cast and the characters, a fantasy “off the books” dream team of QAnon fantasy “international cooperation” commandos, haven’t improved.

We also think people have been killed-off, and they haven’t. We assume the “Supreme Leader” (Essam Ferris), has been foiled. Nope.

The hulking Frenchman (Bertrand-Xavier Corbi) still mutters “Theez guy eez PEESING me off!”

Supreme Leader still schemes, plots and plans in his desert hideways, draped in black for his every online video appearance.

“I assure you, our time is coming!”

The Russian sharp shooter (Katie Keene) gets her blonde mop done up in more elaborate braids.

And Chris Mulkey is still the commanding officer, “Brisco,” and still the luckiest actor in the cast. All his scenes are in a tent, “the war room.” As in, he’s not out there in gear and the sweltering, skin-cancerous sun.

Maybe he just has the best agent.

These movies are all junk, the third is no exception.

MPA Rating: R for violence and language 

Cast: Will Yun Lee, Jermaine Love, Katie Keene, Essam Ferris, Rory Markham, Fernando Chien, Bertrand-Xavier Corbi and Chris Mulkey.

Credits: Directed by Mike Gunther, script by Michael J. Day. A Saban Films release on Netflix.

Running time: 1:39

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