Netflixable? Another animated also-ran, “Fe@rless”

The unemotive animation makes the faces in the “babies with superpowers” comedy “Fe@rless” look like CGI botox. And the disinterested “Has the check cleared?” voice acting seems to match in this cartoon quicky made for Netflix.

It’s an incredibly dull “Incredibles” variation with British origins and a video game framework that adds little, and doesn’t distract from the “Southpark” construction-paper cut out (digitally mimicked) backgrounds or “story.”

A “gamer” with the online moniker “Fe@rless” is master of the online contest “Planet Master.” Reid (voiced by Miles Robbins, who sounds bored) manipulates the hero Captain Lightspeed (Jadakiss, who sounds like Danny DeVito taking his first voice-acting job) upward, level after level.

Oddly, Captain Lightspeed has to contend with dropping his toddler off at deep space day care in one game level. Entry to the next level feeds Fe@rless Reid a warning.

“Do you accept the consequences?”

Sure. Ok. But just as science project partner Melanie (Yara Shahidi) shows up, the game’s villain Arcannis (Miguel no-last-name, bland) kidnaps three superpowered babies, they escape through a wormhole and show up at Reid’s house.

Worlds collide, aliens invade and super-strong baby mayhem ensues, with the military getting involved in the person of General Blazerhatch (Gabrielle Union, disguising her voice big time) on the case.

“Send those diapers to the CDC!”

Teen search histories, baby drivers, toddler sing-alongs and the mellow sounds of Lionel Ritchie are tossed our way in search of laughs.

The action isn’t particularly noisy or attention-grabbing.

Still, the disinterested voice actors won’t be a bother to the teeny-tiny target audience for this pablum. They need a nap, anyway.

Robbins’ moment of “realization” speech line-reading in monotone would put anybody to sleep.

“The whole Earth is doomed, and it’s my fault.”

MPAA Rating: TV-Y7, “ripe” diaper jokes

Cast: Miles Robbins, Yara Shahidi, Jadakiss, Gabrielle Union and Susan Sarandon.

Credits: Written and directed by Cory Edwards. A Netflix release.

Running time: 1:33

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