BOX OFFICE: “Ford v Ferrari” wins with $31 million, “Angels” bomb, “Good Liar” clears $5

A very good weekend for a guys’ picture, a very bad one for a rebooted and female empowered “Charlie’s Angels.”

Heck, “Midway” on its second weekend slipped past the middling first action movie on Elizabeth Banks’ directing resume. That Roland Emmerich WWII epic is doing decent business, heading towards a $50 to $65 million take once it’s finished its run.

“Angels” didn’t ever reach $10 million, a weekend long critically-dismissed free falling flop. About $8 million? Ouch.

“The Good Liar” outperformed expectations, clearing $5 million.

The doc “No Safe Spaces” hasn’t cracked the top 30, for those insisting it’s the film phenomenon of the fall. Nope.

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