BOX OFFICE: ‘Ford v Ferrari’ takes $28 million checkered flag, ‘Charlie’s Angels’ visit Purgatory

Give the people a great movie that isn’t a franchise, that has nothing to do with grown women and men in tights, and is over 2 and a half hours long, and the people will come.

IF it is an “event,” IF it has a dazzling pair of leads and impressive support, IF it is a prestige picture that might be the Best Picture of the year, that is.

“Ford v Ferrari” is all of those things, an it is opening at an impressive $28 million. Not “Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood” money, but it should have have a nice long fall into winter run.

“Charlie’s Angels,” rebooted again after 20 years, have passed their expiration date. Kristen Stewart and two nobodies star in a competent and empowering but joyless Enterprise, as I said in my review.

Audiences could smell the cynicism and are staying away. It every Girl scout troop in America goes on Sat. and Sunday, it might clear $11. Right now? Elizabeth Banks has directed a bomb.

“The Good Liar”;opened wide, which is I guess a strategy for making your money off a dull and predictable Big Con thriller starring the great Dame Helen and the Great Sir Ian. It may clear $3.

A platformed release can’t save a misfire. Variety was naming it as a best picture and best director contender, sight unseen, as late as last weekend. Nope.

“Midway” will earn another $8 million and should hold screens throgh the end of the month. Somethin to take Dad to over Thanksgiving, if “Ford v Ferrari” is too long of an investment.

“Doctor Sleep” is still snoozing. Word of mouth didn’t help it or “Last Christmas” or “Playing with Fire” survive their second weekend.

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