BOX OFFICE: “Midway” dive bombs “Doctor Sleep,” John Cena rounds up the kiddies

A franchise (sort of) horror movie opening under $20 million? How could this be?

Decent reviews for “The Shining” sequel did not give it much of a turnout Thursday night, or anything like an epic Friday. may be erring on the lean side, but $17-18 million is what they’re now projecting “Docto Sleep” to earn on its opening weekend.

That’s not even “Amityville” money. It was expected to hit $30.

“Midway” is overperforming its predicted take. But hey, Veteran’s Day Weeken, right? As things stand Saturday AM, it is on track to clear $19 million. Roland Emmerch brings the big bangs to the big screen, and as I said in my review, the film isn’t awful and it is damned accurate, historically. Good on Lionsgate for getting this $100 million effects spectacular onto screens.

“Last Christmas” is doing mid teens, right in line with expectations. Poor reviews didn’t kill it. Word of mouth might.

John Cena and his “Playing with Fire” are heading into the $teens. Terrible movie, bit kids need something other than cartoons to go to. Projectile poop jokes sell tickets.

“Terminator” is facing a “Dark Fate” indeed. It is falling to fifth this weekend. Fallen, never to get up.

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