BOX OFFICE: “Us” headed for $68 million opening weekend


All these people calling Jordan Peele “the New Master of Suspense?” On the money.

Two movies into his Hitchcockian thriller/horror career, Peele is a brand unto himself, and “Us” has the opening to show it. A big Thursday night led to a HUGE Friday and early projections of a $40-50 million weekend quickly went by the boards.

$68 is now the top end of expectations, says.

That’s better than most original horror titles — or sequels. Not better than “It!” But heck, in an era of endless comic book sequels, that’s serious coin.

Never bet against an old “Twilight Zone” remake. Hollywood never does.

Saturday’s take will be telling, because as I have been saying and’s reporting of Cinema Score tracking verifies, the picture has people talking — and audiences complaining about the overall pic and the ending in particular. Not great exit interview scores.

That probably won’t suppress the rest of the weekend’s take, as filmgoers in this genre have to see for themselves, but second weekend? Watch out or “Get Out.” Comparing “Us” to Peele’s last film isn’t going to do this one any favors.

And ask the LAST guy everybody compared to Hitchcock — M. Night Shyamalan — what a burden that is. It took “Split” to bring him back.  Early kudos tend to go to filmmakers’ heads. They do. People don’t remember how many bad movies Hitchcock made, just the masterpieces.

“Captain Marvel” is falling off, finally, with a $33 million weekend showing a steepening drop (if not in real money…yet). It’s over $300 million, over $320 by weekend’s send.

More interesting to me is the teen weeper “Five Feet Apart,” well-made and well-cast and holding onto audience like gangbusters. It’ll be over $30 by Tuesday.

“Gloria Bell,” the best new release in theaters, has cracked the top ten — over $1.5 million earned from over 600 screens. Not bad.


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  1. Keith says:

    Calling him “The New Master of Suspense”…I’m not quite there yet.

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