BOX OFFICE: “Fallout” falls to $34, “Christopher Robin” and “Spy Who Dumped Me” underwhelm, “Darkest Minds” bombs

box1The big question for me this weekend was and will be the word of mouth on Disney’s quiet, downbeat “kids” movie “Christopher Robin.” and others had been projecting a brand healthy $29 million or so for this grownup riff on “Winnie the Pooh,” which makes up a midlife crisis for Christopher Robin Milne (they don’t use his last name), makes up a life he didn’t have, and a solution for that workaholism in the bear, burro, rabbit, teeny pig, kangaroo and owl of his childhood.

Now they’re saying $24 million or so at Deadline, which historically underestimates the Saturday take of children’s films. So we’ll see.

When I saw it, the restless crowd of kids and parents I saw it with (some of whom applauded at the end) were of the “Mommy, can we go? I don’t like this” school.’

spy3“The Spy Who Dumped Me” has a little star power — Mila Kunis has the “Bad Moms” franchise and Kate McKinnon is the viral break out star of “SNL,” the show’s MVP these past few years. But the comedy lacks a properly set up and played up villain.

Oh, and laughs. There just aren’t many. Kunis defers to Kate, and Kate is all over the place, flailing away for giggles. It’s earning numbers that reflect its reviews — $17-20 projected, maybe $12 million and change based on Thursday (sold out show I saw it with) and Friday’s turn out.

“The Darkest Minds” proves that the ongoing effort to find the next “Hunger Games” is growing more futile by the minute. Decent PYTs cast, meh villains, retread story, action beats, etc. It won’t recover costs — $6.4 million? Bombs away.

“Mission: Impossible — Fallout” will have earned in the ballpark of $125 million by midnight Sunday, the end of its second weekend of release. That’s another $34-35 million, and extends Tom Cruise’s box office clout another or three. His non MI films aren’t generally blockbusters, but he still opens a movie here and especially abroad, thanks to the career-injections Ethan Hunt gives him.

“Teen Titans” is about to topple out of the top ten. In its second weekend of release? Will Dinesh D’Souza’s “Death of a Nation” diatribe chase it out? “Forgettable cut-rate crap” always disappears in a flash.

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