Next Screening? Single-mom Gabrielle Union lets the bad guys know that “Breaking In” was their last mistake

It’s Wednesday, and what do we know about movies that “preview” Wednesdays?

There are two such previews tonight in my little corner of filmdom. And judging from the lack of reviews posted elsewhere, most critics are facing this dilemma.

Do I see Melissa McCarthy’s latest rude and rowdy romp, playing a mom who joins her daughter at college (“Life of the Party”), or do I duck into Gabrielle Union’s home-invasion thriller “Breaking In?”

Both were deemed by their studios insufficiently promising to show to reviewers in advance. But as Universal booked first, it’s “Breaking In” for me. The trailer features another of those impossibly stunning, impossibly designed, ridiculously remote modernist mansions where the cat-and-mouse game of villains vs. SuperMom can play their deadly game.

It’d be more realistic to park this single mom in, say, a subdivision that’s unfinished (only people living there, no one will hear their screams) or about-to-be-abandoned apartment building. Somebody steal that idea, it’s better than this one.

“Breaking In” looks far-fetched, but I stick with the Union, as we say. And it can’t be any dumber than “Life of the Party.”

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