Preview, Prepared to be disturbed by Ethan Hawke in Paul Schrader’s Religion in a Faithless Time drama, “First Reformed”

The first thing that jumps out at from this trailer is the film’s tone  — melancholy, despairing. Ethan Hawke is a preacher at the end of his rope in this Paul Schrader drama.

The great thing about the existence of A24 as a film studio/distributor is that Schrader, one of the great screenwriters of the ’70s, director of “Cat People” and “Mishima” and “Light Sleeper” and “Affliction,” doesn’t have to beg Lindsay Lohan to show up so that he can get distribution for a movie.

With A24, one of the elder statesmen of cinema — he wrote “Taxi Driver” and “The Mosquito Coast” and “City Hall,” along with films he also directed — can make his kind of movie and land Amanda Seyfried, Ethan Hawke and Cedric Kyles.

It’s a drama. Cedric the Entertainer is using his real name for this one.

Look for “First Reformed,” a man of faith’s test of faith, in May.

me from this trailer is the name Cedric Kyles.


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