Did Netflix “Scoop” “Ready Player One” with its raunchy comedy, “Game Over, Man?”

So not having read Ernest Cline’s YA novel “Ready Player One,” one of the first things that struck me when watching it was a “Where have I seen this sensory game-suit?” that the film trots out as The Next Big Thing in immersive video gaming — in 2045.

That idea is a sort of Holy Grail that’s been kicked around in science fiction and game idea boards for a while, seeing as how gaming chairs have gotten more sophisticated with time. If you’re going to lose yourself in an alternate reality, you really have to feel what your avatar is going through in that reality.

Pain? Maybe. Exertion? Sexual stimulation? Yeah, the thinking runs that way.


Which is one reason that’s the BIG PITCH the ditzy nerds of Netflix’s “Game Over, Man” want to make to the Tunisian billionaire playboy/playa/player who throws a party at the swank LA hotel where they’re custodians.

They make their pitch, for “Skintendo,” a Nintendo pun sensory suit, just before the bad guys take over the party and go all “Die Hard” on one and all.

“Skintendo.” That’s what Wade Watt is wearing in “Ready Player One.”

Well played, Netflix. And uh, Adam Devine.

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