Uma Thurman unloads on Weinstein, Tarantino — in the New York Times.

killbill2karmannghia16.8723Reporters tried to get Uma Thurman to talk about Harvey Weinstein and the whole Miramax Sexual Assaultworks last fall, when all this stuff came out.

But no. Ms. Thurman would not bite. The seething “No comment” didn’t mean she wouldn’t talk about her own experiences with Weinstein, to whom she owes the greatest successes of her career. It just meant that she’s Hollywood cagey first, victim second. As in, let’s wait and give myself the biggest boost I possibly can with a prestige column (by Maureen Dowd) in the New York Times.

Cynical, calculating? You bet. We’d expect no less.

Harvey assaulted her, she says. He wasn’t the first to do that, either.

And then there was what Quentin Tarantino did to her, folding her into a not-quite-road-worthy Karmann Ghia (vintage VW convertible) in “Kill Bill Vol. 2.” It went a little worse than the scenes where Tarantino choked her and spat on her (off-camera, part of the action of the film he reserved for himself, she avers).

The footage of the wreck of the Karmann Ghia has finally been released by QT (It’s linked on the Times column). Scary enough. The cars weren’t that safe when new. Long before Dieselgate, VW stood for “The Very Worst Place to be in an accident.” She says she has health/back issues related to that to this day. Suffering for her art, indeed.



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