Box Office: “Divergent” $56, “Muppets” fade, “Duck Dynasty”-backed “God’s Not Dead” $8

“Divergent” had a banner Saturday to go with a healthy Friday, and should come close to $56 million by midnight tonight (Sunday.).

The weekend’s biggest surprise might be “God’s Not Dead,” another indie Christian studio (FREE) release that opened mostly in the South, features “Duck Dynasty” appearances, and looks to pull in $8 million. That’s almost as much as Tyler Perry’s last movie.

“Muppets Most Wanted” had a weaker Saturday than expected and will be lucky to make it to $18 million for Disney. It’s a pity, but the disconnect between today’s kids and those puppets is huge.

“The Grand Budapest Hotel” did another $6-7, and is in the top ten, still. “Veronica Mars” isn’t. Both expanded their release this weekend, “Mars” is now up to $2.7 million, according to Hardly worth releasing it into theaters.

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6 Responses to Box Office: “Divergent” $56, “Muppets” fade, “Duck Dynasty”-backed “God’s Not Dead” $8

  1. You have made the arguments of a believer. And a simpleton. As there is no eternal life in a Magic Kingdom in the clouds, “saved” is something only a believer would believe. Without proof, or reason to do so.

    • You sir are obviously an atheist. You should have been in the movie so you could have your ass handed to you like the professor did. Why would anyone trust a review about a Christian film from a bag of dead bones? You are incapable of getting the movie because your eyes are closed that’s why you would make a statement like you did about a non believer being better off dead. You are a clueless pawn in Satan’s game and I feel sorry for you and any offspring you may have spawned.

    • If Dead is Dead, why are you here? To enlighten us with your stupidity?

      • If you had any guts or brains, sport, you’d sign your name to your infantile “arguments.” “ You’re too ignorant to even see your own myopia. You can’t use the logic “God exists and that’s that” and expect a sober, educated grownup to take you seriously. From the looks of youtube, you appear to be a walking, typing stereotype, an Arizona redneck who’s rolled his pickemup truck over on his brainpan a few too many times to fire on all cylinders. Eh? Don’t bother writing back. You’re merely argumentative, and I don’t debate drunks, children or religious cranks.

  2. cam says:

    This movie ‘God’s not dead’ seems to propagate one of the gop’s myths, that colleges are evil institutions with the goal of turning young people into god-less liberals. So stupid. No professor would require students to deny god or else get a failing grade. If one tried, it’d be all over fox news for months and he’d be fired. Beyond that the ‘ secular education is bad’ reasoning is not only stupid, it’s harmful. What irks me more though, is how the gop and christian conservatives are so joined in ‘hating’ liberals (as this movie apparently reinforces), yet conservatism’s economic goals of benefiting the rich at the expense of the poor, cut food stamps, unemployment insurance, other programs, while slashing taxes and providing tax loopholes for billion dollar companies and individuals, is contrary to Christs’s teachings! Also, you really think Christ would love guns and war as much as the gop does? . As well as this sneering shrill attitude they project (all of Sara Palin speeches for example. all the conservative talk show people) towards liberals, the poor, and often women and minorities: again, not Christ like.

  3. Annette says:

    Hi, Roger.
    I’m so embarrassed.I posted on the other movie review of “God is Not Dead” and you asked me a question, and I can’t answer it for some reason. There’s no box for me to reply. Anyway, you’re exactly right, I just typed “yoked” wrong. Fingers got away from me. The metaphor is that Christians are working for Jesus, like they’re oxen or other beasts of burden in a yoke, and that a Christian shouldn’t marry a non-Christian (or another person who isn’t a strong a Christian) because that would make the work too difficult. You want to match up animals equally in the yoke. So, I guess it proves the point. 🙂 You apparently understood what was going on, even though you might not have been been taught this in church or your culture (I don’t know, of course). 🙂 A Christian would have no doubt what this meant, but a literate person can gather it from context without the Christian indoctrination. Case in point–you.
    Anyway, is it possible for you to link this response to your question there at the other review. I feel terribly silly to have made such an egregious spelling error and flubbing my entire response. 🙂

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