Movie Review: Dirty Pun, Dopey D-movie — “Road Head”

You’ve got to meet this dopey desert slasher picture on its own terms.

You have to be ready to laugh at the archetypes/stereotypes, the one-liners, the D-movie bravado.

“Why don’t you step out of there and fight me LIKE A WOMAN?”

And of course you’ve got to get the oral sex while driving pun in the title. Because “Road Head” isn’t just about decapitations in the desert southwest.

They all come looking for the wonders of “Isola Lake,” even though the sign pointing to it dates from the ’50s and the “road” is that in name only.

That’s where the first couple we see decide to tempt driving fate with a little under-the-seat-belt distraction. That’s when we hear the sound of heads being sliced-off, mercifully off-camera.

Enter gay Santa Monican couple Bryan (Clayton Farris) and Alex (Damian Joseph Quinn) and their just-got-over-a-breakup friend Stephanie (Elizabeth Grullon). They, too, have been misled by the “lake” in the place’s name. And they, too, must face The Executioner (Adam Nemet), clad in chain mail and feathers and wielding a broadsword.

At least these three have bitchy put-downs at their ready command for “that Medieval Faire reject” and his “toy sword from a nerd convention.” No, they will not go gentle into that beheaded night.

Grullon’s Stephanie is the stand-out here, snide and given to under-reactions when the worst happens, but rallying to fierceness when the chips are down.

More amusing than militant Alex figures he can compliment his way out of a jam. “I love your outfit!”

There’s a chase, a pause for an anti-patriarchy, control-my-own body rant and more bloody almost-funny violence than you can shake a blood squib at.

And if it all didn’t end a lot more unpleasantly than it begins — sometimes “tripping up expectations” beheads your movie, kids — this might be a fun genre dive, a “Rubber” or “House of 1000 Corpses” with less carnage and more comedy.

MPA Rating: unrated, graphic violence, sexual situations, pot use and profanity

Cast: Elizabeth Grullon, Damian Joseph Quinn, Clayton Farris, Clay Acker, Adam Nemet

Credits: Directed by David Del Rio, script by Justin Xavier. A Terror Films release.

Running time: 1:24

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