Did Anybody Direct “Wonder Park?”


So I gave up a seemingly perfect Saturday last weekend to catch a late-scheduled preview screening of “Wonder Park,” a new animated kids’ film opening Friday, with Nickelodeon supposedly building a TV series out of it this fall.

It was an exceptionally untimely screening, in the middle of the day — 1130 am. Kids’ films previewed on Saturdays are usually at 10 or 1030. Anything later and you run into Unruly Audience Syndrome.

In any event, that’s a time that kills AM activities and severely cuts into PM ones.

Reviews of this latest Paramount Animation offering are embargoed until 9am Eastern Thursday. So, not a lot of time for an online audience for reviews, pro or con, to develop.

But as I type away here, I see no “directed by” credits in my notes. There’s no credited director on Rottentomatoes or IMDb for that matter.

Was it, like much episodic television (“director” credits or not), “produced” rather than directed?

I have a message in to Paramount, and a Google search turns up the name of a veteran TV writer/producer and show runner, without attribution. So we will get to the bottom of this. I hope. (Updated, “No directing credit” on “Wonder Park,” per Paramount).

Is Alan Smithee making cartoons, now?

I can’t remember ever reviewing a movie — and I’m a long time in the saddle, kids — with NOBODY credited as director. Did David Feiss, whose name turned up in random Google searches as “director” of “Wonder Park” have his name removed? Did he finish the movie, which changed titles, release dates, etc.?

Original director Dylan Brown was canned back when the title was “Amusement Park” over a year ago. Sexual harassment. Perhaps they should have retitled it #NotYouToo.

Sorry, I don’t usually go into the whole rigamarole of weekend screenings of kids movies, but had I known it had no director, I would have probably gone to a spring training baseball game. I want my Saturday back. But at least you know, now.

Anyway, my review of “Wonder Park” (embargo is over) is here.

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