BOX OFFICE: “Captain Marvel” is a marvel — $160 million opening

box1A huge Thursday night preview and epic Friday have set the table for”Captain Marvel” to own this weekend, all of March and most of the box office pie in what has been a lackluster start to 2019 in terms of ticket sales.

A $160 million opening, says as of Sat. AM.

It’s gotten good enough reviews, is on a boatload of screens — 3000 in 3D — and looks to suck all the oxygen out of the multiplex until the end of the month, anyway.

“How to Train Your Dragon 3” is a distant second, still earning in the $teens, “Madea” is dying off to the tune of a 60% or so falloff, not quite a “Tyler Perry Picture Plummet” (65-70% second weekend), but suggesting that yes, it’s time to kiss her goodbye.

“Green Book” crossed the $200 million global box office mark this week, and this weekend is still well within the top ten.

Neon’s “Apollo 11” doc (I am seeing that today) is just outside of the top ten.

We’ll check these numbers later today with those officially reported to Box Office Mojo but it looks as if the pushback against — What was it? Disney’s PC touches on comic book and “Star Wars” movies? — fell on deaf ears. Curious to see if there’s the sort of female and teen girl turnout on Ms. Marvel that there was for “Wonder Woman.”

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