“Spider-Verse” seizures — totally a thing and I TOLD YOU SO

In the realm of “I TOLD you so,” but you’d rather send hate notes because I pan a movie with murky “seizure inducing” visuals than consider that somebody with 35 years reviewing experience knows what he’s talking about — there’s THIS.

It’s the sort of placard you’re finding at the windows of cinemas across America, warning patrons of the headache inducing focus issues and action flashing imagery in “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.”

I ran across this one at the Regal Swamp Fox 14 in Florence, SC.



The studio was pretending it wasn’t happening, so fans started spreading the word. 

They’re doing it on message boards, etc. 

I of course warned viewers off with my review, and was criticized by the unwashed and wet behind the ears.

I polled a few friends in the reviewing profession when the hate mail started pouring in. One noted that he’d warned the studio about “seizures” and yet failed to note that in his review. Another, like me, was wondering if “they’d forgotten to give us 3D glasses” for his showing. Murky. Seizure-inducing or at least headache-inducing. Again, he did not note that in his review.

Cowards. If you fear fanboy/fangirl wrath, you have no business reviewing movies in this millennium.

I know what I saw and I don’t let “You’re RUINING our JUVENILE comic book movie’s PERFECT RATING on Rotten Tomatoes” hate mail and ugly comments sway me. Because I know the fervent comic book fans never let facts or a higher aesthetic get in the way of their fandom. And I never get tired of being right.

I looked around on opening weekend for evidence supporting my thesis — that Sony had screwed up. It took a week or two longer for this blowback to roll out.

And there you go. It’s a movie that runs out of wit and good ideas after 55 minutes (and goes on another hour). And to some viewers, it’s physically painful and or-dangerous to watch. Theaters are warning patrons off. Whole CHAINS are doing it.


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